name: kim hyuna
band: 4minute
nickname: will literally respond to anything.
age: twenty-one
sorority: ZTA
housing: ZTA house
year: junior
major: computer science
clubs/sports: boxing, gymnastics, dance, fashion
journal: deepdark
aim: #illicitsound
twitter: @goldenauroras
timezone: gmt -5
preferences: third person, plotting, organic, para
kim hyuna's life, in no way, resembled a fairytale or came close to a sob story. ordinary - a plain, normal, ordinary life. born to a mechanical engineer (mama kim) and a dance instructor (papa kim), the family of four lived a fairly comfortable life where following your passion or dreams weighed more than anything. from a young age, hyuna was encouraged to explore different activities, finding herself involved in more clubs and sports teams than any normal student.

though that was also partly due to their frequent moving. the kims aren't too good at following rules, opting to dance to their own beat instead which often times resulted in being laid off and having to job search yet again. by the time hyuna had turned 18, she'd spent time in los angeles, new york, beijing, london, ireland, and moscow before finally settling in south korea. at least her and her brother did, their parents moving to paris two years later for yet another job opportunity.

despite constantly having to pick up her life and move, hyuna had no difficulties making friends or keeping them. always the first to make a move to secure friendships, she never allowed herself to feel alone in cities she had to call her new home. but despite knowing that their time in one city was like a ticking timebomb, hyuna was still willing to open her heart and let others in, resulting in more than one late night crying session following the news of another move.

so it was no surprise for her to be enticed by a sorority, yearning for the sisterhood and close friendships she would form. hyuna dived head first into zeta tau alpha, rushing her first semester as a freshman. deemed the perfect pledge by many of her older sisters, there wasn't a task or string of words that swayed her away from a task. she would come to disappoint many of them though, not growing into the perfect sister that they had envisioned her to become. hyuna opts to meet the minimum requirements and then some, always have her door and shoulder open for a sister in need, fulfill her duties when she picks up positions, and help out whenever it's required of her. but that is it, no leadership positions and no 200%.

in her twenty-one years, her ordinary life had taught her two important lessons - to throw herself into the things she truly loved and to live with no regrets because change will always be looming nearby.
1. stays active. this means moning runs, late night gym sessions, sports teams, dance studios, and adventures that keep her blood pumping and her adrenaline rushing.

2. absolutely cannot drive. if you want to get into a car crash, invite her to the driver seat of the car. otherwise, she's much better off in the passenger seat. or even the back seat because she can't even manage to help with directions.

3. youtuber. hyuna's been dancing since she could walk, taking a liking towards ballet and hip hop. she started her youtube channel when she was 17, and is known for her dancing videos, fashion vlogs, and attempts at rap covers.

4. competitive. a master smack talker. it doesn't matter whether she's actually good at the task at hand or not, she'll play with the confidence of a winner.

5. impulsive and reckless. never one to sit around and be bored all day, hyuna's always out searching for adventures to fill up her time. the riskier, the more fun. the more rules she breaks, the happier she'll be.

6. aggressive. hyuna's the kind to attempt to rip someone's face off when she's upset with them or the kind to punch holes in walls in a drunken rage.

7. hacker. but never really to do really shady things. she just likes to challenge herself to see what kinds of viruses she can make or which databases she can access with just two hands.

8. handy. taking after her mother, she has a knack for fixing machines that are broken. for now, her current interests lay in cars.

9. coupon cutter. while she isn't exactly hurting for money, she's also extremely frugal. her desk is covered with magazine coupons and her e-mail spammed with online deals. if there isn't a promotion code for something, she's not buying it.

10. absolute horror junkie. there's just something about the way her heart skips a beat when everyone else around her is scared. horror movies and haunted places are her two favorite things.
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